What is the Lesbian Dating Game?

The Lesbian Dating Game is a unique mashup of Speed Dating+Game Show+Variety Show with the ultimate goal of assisting women-loving women with finding quality dates in a safe, fun, and outrageous space. Come for the contestants, stay for the mingling and enjoy local comedic and musical talent.

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Meet the Contestants!

You could win a date with one of these fantastic women!
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How does it work?

It's simple, fun, and it works!
The most fun you can have in a room full of lesbians with their pants on!

Play Games

A highly interactive gameshow themed event with full audience participation. Vote on 3 eligible contestants as they squeeze through a gauntlet of fun, tantalizing, and hilarious rounds of questions.

Win Prizes

We can't tell you everything, now can we? Then there'd be no surprises! Games, fun, prizes, and laughs galore - guaranteed good times.

Find Love

The LDG is cleverly crafted to launch your dating life, even after the lights go down. Learn effective ways to meet other women like you and connect! You'll see, we have big plans for you!

Dear Date Doc

Thoughts and Wisdom on Lesbian Dating in the Real World
I’m so good at the rebound, I should be in the WNBA!
You know that girl you see for a while after you end a long term, probably mostly miserable relationship? The kind where you've been officially...
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What’s a Lesbian Dating Workshop?
Many moons ago Boston had something called Skillshare, where a community would meet in a place (that year it happened at MIT) and offer free...
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Why Only Women?
A lot of people ask me why I only cater to women who choose to date other women (why not gay men? Why not straight...
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