I’m so good at the rebound, I should be in the WNBA!

New boyfriend allergic to kitten
New boyfriend allergic to kitten

You know that girl you see for a while after you end a long term, probably mostly miserable relationship? The kind where you’ve been officially not together for only 3 months but it feels like so much longer because you’ve been anticipating the freedom from day 182? I’m probably the girl you’re going to find at about that time. The 3 months later, not day 182, that is.

We’ll meet through friends, or on OK Cupid, or maybe by accident at the local Rite Aid, and we’ll make eye contact and smile. I’ll probably give you my business card and tell you to give me a call or send me an email. If you’re girly I might kiss your hand; if you’re not so girly I might smack your shoulder (I’m an equal opportunity “reboundee”).

We’ll go out somewhere, probably for dinner, maybe just coffee, and we’ll have intense and giggly and thoroughly arousing conversations that make the people at the next table blush, and we’ll be making eyes at each other, to be old-fashioned. The air will be fraught with chemistry, and we’ll probably go back to my house to “watch a movie.”

I will be completely sincere about watching a movie, any movie you want (as long as it has lesbians in it), and I will sit next to you on my bed without touching you.

I will smell seriously good, and my bed is insanely comfortable. Something funny or scary or stupid will happen on the screen and you will throw your head back with laughter, or jump with fear, and somehow we’ll end up touching, just a little bit, and staying there, gradually getting closer. Maybe someone’s hand will be next to someone’s knee, or at a really scary moment I might pretend to need the softness of a neck in which to snuggle until the scary part is over.

Someone will make a smart ass remark about something inappropriate and it’ll be all over (the uncertainty will be over but the fun will be just beginning) – hello rebound, goodbye blues. I’ve been in both of these situations, multiple times, and found that I’m learning not to mind so much, being the one who makes the healing start. It’s my way of doing a little good for the world, and it can be some serious fun along the way.


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