What’s a Lesbian Dating Workshop?

Two Whales from Scotland
Two Whales from Scotland

Many moons ago Boston had something called Skillshare, where a community would meet in a place (that year it happened at MIT) and offer free courses in almost anything you can imagine, from DIY Bike Repair to Home Gardening on a Budget. It was super cool and I offered to teach Lesbian Dating.

We ended up with 22 women of all ages, from 20s to 60s. It was a really great experience to share some of my stories, and the things that I had learned that they could use in their own journeys. We had some laughs and some awkward moments. We mixed and mingled, sometimes with coercion, but there were a lot of connections made and some lessons learned.

The most important thing I try to impart in my workshops is that no one has to be a supermodel or a millionaire to find great women to date. You don’t even have to be a great public speaker, because shy and awkward (but friendly and polite) get you lots of points. Sure, you can go with a funny pick up line and most of the time it will work especially if you can communicate that you know it’s for fun and you don’t really believe she’s from Tennessee.

It’s also important to remember that confidence is key, and that no one is always completely confident all of the time. Just put on a good face and smile as you go. And one last thing, it’s all about meeting new people. You can’t do the same thing over and over while expecting different results. That’s crazy. Go meet some new people in a new place doing something new. Get the hell out there or you’ll miss her as she’s kicking that ball or shooting that hoop or sipping that coffee!

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