Why Only Women?

I will not look at her tits because she is my friend... Said No Man Ever
I will not look at her tits because she is my friend…

A lot of people ask me why I only cater to women who choose to date other women (why not gay men? Why not straight men, they need all the help they can get? Why not straight women, for feminism’s sake!?) I’m sure that I could offer valuable advice for all kinds of single people who are interested in how to get great quality dates without resorting to iffy tactics like the internets or awkward ones like speed dating however, the whole world is on a stick for straight people, both women and men. ALL the books and events and websites are dedicated to that lifestyle. Hell, Eharmony decided they had to make a “separate but equal” site so no one caught the gay cooties!

Gay men have their own rules, regulations, and situations, and while I’ve obviously never been one, I’ve been close enough to more than enough gay men to realize that I am completely out of their league when talking about dating, mating, wooing, pickup lines and sex.

Women who love other women are my niche. It is my lifelong pursuit, an avocation if you will

Avocation:  noun

1.something a person does in addition to a principal occupation,especially for pleasure; hobby:

And I take my hobbies as seriously as I take my career. Teaching women how to get dates with other women has become a passion of mine and I spent 10 years perfecting my craft. It’s a lot like an actor or a comedian. You go through rejections, you get feedback on your process and presentation, you learn what works and what doesn’t.

So I wrote a book. I called it, somewhat facetiously, “The Last Best Lesbian Dating Guide” and it’s facetious in part because no one’s ever heard of ANY lesbian dating guide and Last Best? Well, it WAS written by someone who had first-hand experience with both successful and disastrous dates, meeting people from online and offline, and from all walks of life.

So there you have it. Would you rather have advice and counseling from someone who reads books but never asks someone on a date, or someone who has been on 450 of them and learned a helluva lot as they went?


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